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Meet the Managing Partner

Leslie Gibbs

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"I am a career marketer.  I believe that marketing is a strategic process that begins with discipline and strategic insight.  It is not industry specific. It is a process that can be reapplied over and over again across a broad range of industries.

I am not a pretty-picture marketer who falls in love with execution. I am passionate about using consumer insights and real numbers to drive P&L growth and lead decision making. I started my career with a strong brand management foundation at Procter & Gamble and LensCrafters.  I have earned an M.B.A from Kellogg and I have spent my last decade in the C-Suite, working directly for CEOs and speaking directly to boards.  I specialize in driving stakeholder value in through a strong insight-driven strategy.   Many of my clients are in health care and technology industries."

Kind Words About Leslie

"If you can only work with one brand strategist, Leslie should be your pick....Leslie has a knack for asking deep questions that uncover the root of the opportunity.  Leslie does a great job of adding ancillary value, which falls outside the core area I had originally defined.  It's a pleasant surprise!  We still keep well focused on driving progress on the task at hand, but the value is not limited to just that specific area."

Josh Aston, Chief Marketing Officer and SBM Client 2022-2023

"Leslie is among the very top executives I've ever had the pleasure to collaborate with.  She seeks insights from customers and the broader market place about how to compete successfully, what assets can be leveraged, what needs to be changed."

Peary Spaght, Partner Emeritus at Fletcher Spaght, Inc.

"Her breadth of experience in Marketing and ability to adapt a go-forward plan is a tremendous asset that translates well to all companies from small start up to large seasoned Fortune 500."

Bruce Bodine, Sr VP at The Mosaic Company

"If anyone has an opportunity to work with Leslie, they should jump on it because the value that she brings to an organization is immeasurable."

Patrick Santore, Chief Executive Officer & SBM Client 2022

White Structure

Samples of SBM Marketing Work

"In a world where many people claim to be marketing experts, there are very few I have come across that truly understand the complexities, challenges, and creativity of marketing.  Leslie is actually a real, honest-to-goodness marketing expert...I have witnessed her successfully build a local healthcare brand into a national market leader and a national brand into marketshare dominance.  Any organization interested in establishing, re-positioning or evolving their brand in a far more powerful, memorable and financially successful direction should work with Leslie."

Glenn Sagon, CEO & Co-founder, Sagon-Phior

Here is a simple pdf of how a unified brand strategy looks in a cohesive marketing execution.

Thank you to Sagon-Phior who partnered on the creative development.

Most Admired Women in Business 2023

Learn more about Leslie Gibbs and Strategic Branding Matters in The Chief Navigators  magazine's "The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business, 2023" issue,  published June 2023.

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